Cooking is an all encompassing term for preparing food with heat. Roasting meat, scrambling eggs, poaching fish and making toast are all forms of cooking.  Baking is a more specific term for cooking involving an oven. Baking is still cooking, but the vast majority of us (my husband and I were the only people surveyed for this post) will think of cakes or bread.

Whilst we use the oven for baking, there are many different techniques that can be used to prepare the 'goodies' ready for baking.

Creaming, rubbing in, mixing, folding, kneading to name but a few.

This subscription box will take you through most of the techniques, and show you how to make a lot of really tasty treats.

All of the recipes are suitable for vegetarians, and most can be adapted for a vegan diet.

Recipes will include cakes, scones, muffins, biscuits and savouries. Bigger bakes than we would manage in class.

The subscription box will contain all the non perishable ingredients, any cupcake cases, greaseproof sheets and the recipe.

A video cook-along will also be available for you to follow if you wish, in our members only Facebook group.

Local delivery within Northampton, or the boxes can be delivered via Royal Mail.

If you want to try a box before you subscribe then you can buy one here








£10 monthly

£25 quarterly

£50 half-yearly

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