Welcome to Eat Sleep Bake Repeat.

As Crafty Cooks Northampton, I have been running award-winning children's cookery lessons from my kitchen for 6 years now. During that time, I have been privileged to enjoy baking with over 400 children.

I believe that a love of cooking and an ability to do so is an important skill that every child should have. That is why I invite children from as young as 2 years old to come and cook with me.

However, as Crafty Cooks is only aimed at preschool and primary school children, I have created this area for my Home Schooled Children and for the many teenagers who bake but also cook with me.

Ordinarily, I run the sessions at my house in West Hunsbury. I have a kitchen specially designed for small numbers of children to cook together.

During each session we cook a delicious recipe and also enjoy an activity related to one ingredient we used.  The sessions last about 45 minutes, however, it can take up to an hour. This all depends on the complexity of the recipe.


What happens during COVID-19

I am offering these subscription boxes on a monthly basis. The younger children from 2 to 11 are able to access the Crafty Cooks subscription boxes, both physical and virtual. The older children are able to access either the baking boxes or cooking boxes.

The baking boxes will contain 1 recipe but the recipe will be a bigger bake. Think sandwich sponge or tray bake rather than cupcakes, although we may throw some of those in too.

The cooking course is aimed at teenagers, although some 'tweens may be proficient enough to join in. They will need to handle knives safely, as well as work at a hob, in some recipes.

Once you decide which course you would like then just click and follow the payment through.