For the past 2 years I have had the joy of teaching regular classes to your children.

I can now offer baking boxes and cooking courses via subscription to you, so that you may continue to cook and bake at home whilst I am unable to hold classes at home.

The different options are:-

CC* Recipe box monthly - 2 Crafty Cooks recipes per month suitable for children aged from 2 to 11. £15 payable monthly.

CC* Recipe box 3 monthly - as above £40 payable quarterly.

ESBR* baking box monthly - 1 recipe for a much bigger bake than we would get done in class. suitable for children aged 9+ £10 payable monthly

ESBR* baking box 3 monthly - as above £25 payable quarterly

Essential cooking course - a 12 month course focusing on essential cooking skills and meals. suitable for children aged 11+ wanting to learn to cook. £10 payable monthly

*CC = Crafty Cooks *ESBR Eat Sleep Bake Repeat (my new venture focusing on older children)

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