Preschool classes

Preschool classes are suitable for children aged from 2 to 5. The older the children are the less help they need, however that doesn't mean leaving them to it. Cooking with your preschooler is messy, it's fun and you will have a splendid time.

Primary classes

Primary classes are suitable for children aged from 5 to 9. The children will make a similar range of dishes to those that the preschoolers make, but they will be far more independent.

Home education classes

Suitable for children whose ordinary way of learning is via home schooling. This doesn't include children who ordinarily go to school, but are doing 'lockdown learning'.

D of E skills courses

Suitable for children from 14 years of age, that are currently signed up to the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme. There are 3 month or 6 month blocks available, which will satisfy the requirements of both Bronze and Silver Awards.

Off to Uni?

Coming soon, courses suitable for you if you are off to Uni. It will cover meal planning, budgeting and recipes that you can scale down to feed 1, or scale up to feed lots more. You will wow your new housemates.